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615 Caroline Street
Fredericksburg VA 22401

Established 2017

A little coffeeshop doing big things

Katora began when April met Christian. With deep roots in community – their dream has always been to offer a safe space supportive of recovery, mental health, LGBTQ+, the arts, and music. Katora Coffee a plant-based cafe serving organic coffee and tea and is thriving in downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Christian & April Zammas
But Fredericksburg is full of Coffeeshops

What sets us apart?

Organic Coffee

Exclusively serving locally-roasted, single-origin coffee & espresso by Kuleana Coffee Roasters.

Loose Leaf Tea

We carry organic loose leaf tea by Adagio & Royal Tea New York. Try it hot, iced or as a latte. We even make cold brew iced tea.

Vegan & Vegetarian

Non-dairy milk selection includes unsweetened almond, soy, coconut, oat, & cashew... We're always testing new ones!

Funky Decor

Some say our decor is spooky but those who love us say we're eclectic. Most of the art is local. Come check out the graffiti.

Live Events

From art battles to spoken word poetry, to rap showcases, acoustic and full band performances, to workshops and meetups - our upstairs lounge is accommodating!

Community First

Striving to make an impact in our community, you will regularly see us volunteering, donating & supporting causes important to us.

Don't take our word for it

What our Guests Say...

"Sure there are plenty of places to grab some coffee in downtown Fredericksburg, but what all those other places lack is an April and Christian. Welcoming everyone from all walks of life who step in with a smile and potential great conversation, they also keep it interesting with tons of weekly great community gathering events. Christian and April are the kinds of small business owners who give Fredericksburg it's great small town charm. Stop in for some great coffee and pastries and see for yourself."
"I was completely thrilled when I stopped in for my first visit. It is such a gem. One of the owners made me the best latte. And the fact that they carried Kickshaw treats that I could eat was perfect. Also upstairs they have a kids section, which my little guy loved. And her daughter totally welcomed my little guy with open arms."
"This is one place that anyone will feel right at home. As a frequent customer I can say this is a local business I will proudly support. From the day to day family shop with kids playing nicely in their room and patrons enjoying conversation in a unique space, to the night time events to get the area community involved packing the space to the brim with real genuine connections. It only gets more and more unique the more you get to know the place. HIGHLY recommend."

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615 Caroline Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401