First Friday Face Off

Every first Friday through the end of the year – starting Friday, April 6th, join us at Katora Coffee for live competitive painting.

Two artists face off each month competing for a month of gallery space on our upstairs back wall. We provide the canvas and easel. You bring the medium. $5 to cast a vote. Proceeds will be split between artists. Consider it a crowdfunded social experiment to select the winner.

The setting for the competition is this – 4 hours, head-to-head and we provide the theme – selected randomly utilizing two nouns and a verb. For example, dancing ninja chickens. Interpret that how you will. The crowd will decide your fate. Now fight!

We will list the competitors here. Stay tuned to see our pairings.

ROUND ONE:  Friday, April 6th
COMPETITORS:  WINNER – Thunder Dean vs. Christina Parkinson

ROUND TWO:  Friday, May 4th
COMPETITORS:   Caraabellla vs. WINNER – Jenna Stone

ROUND THREE:  Friday, June 1st

ROUND FOUR:  Friday, July 6th
COMPETITORS:  David Rice vs. WINNER – Amber

ROUND FIVE:  Friday, August 3rd
COMPETITORS:  Jaelyn Coefield vs. WINNER – Christina

ROUND SIX:  Friday, September 7th
COMPETITORS:  WINNER – Sabrina vs. Amber Grace

ROUND SEVEN:  Friday, October 5th
COMPETITORS:  Chris vs. Kathryn

ROUND EIGHT:  Friday, November 2nd
COMPETITORS:  Mark vs. Matt

BATTLE ROYALE:  Friday, December 7th

Come back in December to celebrate our one year anniversary and to see all the winners compete in the Battle Royale Katora-style!

Katora Institute of Higher Education

Katora Institute of Higher Education



Katora Institute of Higher Education will be a life skills epicenter based on helping people discover and nurture their own sense of purpose through the exchange of ideas and physical aid.

Interest Submission Form


Our Mission

It is our mission and dream to connect as many like-minded individuals together under one common goal of experiencing a “greater than moment”. A moment where you realize that your experiences and personal transformation affects others positively. Forgiving yourself of past transgressions and allowing oneself to heal by helping others and the world as a whole.

Our Vision

Our plan is to foster hope through creative solutions to a struggling workforce dealing with affordable housing and the fear of failure with so much on the line. Not to mention those dealing with fear of recidivism to homelessness, jails or institutions and in sometimes death. We have seen linear methods fall short and feel with proper guidance we could help those in need develop skills and learn valuable life lessons that can translate into a more involved workforce that works together.

We have no restrictions on race, creed or standardized intelligence, only desire and dedication and also the potential bond of the apprentice and mentor. Volunteers make this even more of a reality by getting community involved.


Depression / Hopelessness / Fear / Lethargy / Apathy


Desire / Dreams / Fellowship / Hope / Inspiration


Do what you love and love what you do will reign supreme. From personal experience, we have found that maintaining motivation to accomplish many great things can be a harrowing experience and by setting smaller attainable goals and feeling those smaller wins, one can fuel inspiration and keep the excitement alive.

       REVISED 7/24/2018

Katora Coffee Coop

Katora Coffee      Kuleana Coffee Roasters


$180 annual

  • Month by month
  • Cancel anytime
  • Annual prepay discount

Membership Benefits

  • Curated selection of Fredericksburg-based Kuleana Coffee’s freshest and newest roasts
    • Organic
    • Sustainable
    • Direct Trade
  • One 12oz bag a month
  • Pick-up in store
  • Katora Coffee mug
    • Stored on-site
    • Use for $1 drip!
  • 15% off in-store purchases
  • VIP notice of in-store events
  • Free coffee
    • On your birthday
    • National Coffee Day (September 29)
  • Free hot chocolate
    • National Hot Chocolate Day (January 31)
  • Membership Tiers based on enrollment date


  • 3 month’s consecutive
  • $10 value bonus gift


  • 6 month’s consecutive
  • $20 value bonus gift


  • 1 year consecutive
  • $30 value bonus gift
Email for more information or to sign up.

South Side Block Party

South Side Block Party

Saturday, March 24th 10am – 6pm

Celebrating the 500-600 blocks of Caroline & Sophia Streets

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us about an event close to our hearts. Being new business owners in the “south side” of the Commercial District of Downtown Fredericksburg, we’re often left thinking, “Hey what about us?”

View & Share FB Event

A block party would be a great way for business owners to rally together. Think of it as a sidewalk sale but one where we as a community invest in a common goal.

Advertising and social media efforts will be combined. As a partner, your business will receive:

  • A mention on the event website (insert custom domain) to include your logo, website and social media links
  • A mention on the event’s Facebook and event page
  • Your logo on large colorful posters found around downtown
  • Inclusion in our fun scavenger hunt – the “South Side Hunt,” that will guide shoppers around our block party and into our establishments.
    • Please email a non-branded photo entry of a product in your store to be included as a clue on our game board
    • Have an item to donate to our game raffle? Please email a detailed description and prize value. Prizes will need to be received at Katora Coffee a week prior to the event.
    • Able to chip in or assist with poster or game board printing? Please send an email with details of your donation.

Interested in participating? Planning meeting 3/5/18 time: tbd

Send hunt submission or questions to:

Say It Loud

Say it Loud February 24th 11am at Katora Coffee

Do you have an original piece of work you want to share with the world?

Do you want to hear original work by locals?

Now’s your chance!


Nonfiction, Fiction, Poetry – most anything is welcome!


Katora Coffee will be offering a $1 off their specialty drink of the day for this event!!

Sign-up to read here: or at the event.