Beginning Monday, January 22, 2018 at 6:30-7:30pm – join Katora Coffee for the premier weekly event – Mindful Mondays with Built 4 Balance and Cecelia Stephens.

$15.00 for one-hour group yoga, beginner level*

* Ask Cecilia about private advanced yoga classes.


Through my own healing, I found myself guided to help others on their journey to wellness. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to share my experiences, training and expertise with others on their own healing path.

Movement and body mechanics have always been second nature to me; as a former athlete and dancer, I crave physical activity regularly. As a teenager, I dealt with hormonal weight gain and resorted to unhealthy and ineffective attempts to lose the weight. After battling with an eating disorder for almost a decade, I woke up to what I was doing to myself in a misguided way to “fix” my body. I was willing to do anything and everything I thought I needed to.

Thankfully, I found mercy in a breakthrough before any real and lasting damage was done. While dealing with my unhealthy relationship with food, I used my body to heal my mind. In continuing my exercise practice and later finding yoga, I was able to ground myself through the emotional turbulence and uncovered new found strength and skills. More than just knowing the mind and body are connected, I started to actually feel the connection and use it to my advantage. Through the years, the ups and downs, the highs and lows, it has been my movement practice that has kept me steady.

Eight years ago, I became a Certified Personal Trainer and began my Health Coaching journey. I later became a Licensed Aesthetician and earned my Registered Yoga Teacher Certification.