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Rent a Wall

Are you a local group or organization looking for a meet-up space? An author looking to do a book signing? An artist looking to do a gallery showing? A touring musician looking to headline or partner in an upcoming show? Or are you looking for a spot to host a birthday party or baby shower?

(If you plan on paying at a later date, we can hold your reserved event date for a week and it will act as a placeholder. Events will remain placeholders until the reservation fee of $100 is paid. Thanks for understanding, and we look forward to your show!)

We ask for a $100 space rental fee per event.
Reservation fees for events are non-refundable.
Expect an email invoice from Katora’s Square account as a confirmation for your show.

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Frog & Mantis

It all started with a sketch and a dream.

Let’s say you walk into @katoracoffee with a sketch, and are wondering, “what do I do next?”
Well… @frogandmantis are the best local printers around. They can scan and print your sketch for you. You can determine a price, and add your designs to their print wall for sale in our downtown shop.


615 Caroline Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

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