Every first Friday through the end of the year – starting Friday, April 6th, join us at Katora Coffee for live competitive painting. Two artists face off each month competing for a month of gallery space on our upstairs back wall. We provide the canvas and easel. You bring the medium. $5 to cast a vote. Proceeds will be split between artists. Consider it a crowdfunded social experiment to select the winner. The setting for the competition is this – 4 hours, head-to-head and we provide the theme – selected randomly utilizing two nouns and a verb. For example, dancing ninja chickens. Interpret that how you will. The crowd will decide your fate. Now fight! We will list the competitors here. Stay tuned to see our pairings. ROUND ONE:  Friday, April 6th COMPETITORS:  WINNER – Thunder Dean vs. Christina Parkinson ROUND TWO:  Friday, May 4th COMPETITORS:   Caraabellla vs. WINNER – Jenna Stone ROUND THREE:  Friday, June 1st TEEN EDITION COMPETITORS:  Lennon vs. WINNER – Shiloh ROUND FOUR:  Friday, July 6th COMPETITORS:  David Rice vs. WINNER – Amber ROUND FIVE:  Friday, August 3rd COMPETITORS:  Jaelyn Coefield vs. WINNER – Christina ROUND SIX:  Friday, September 7th COMPETITORS:  WINNER – Sabrina vs. Amber Grace ROUND SEVEN:  Friday, October 5th COMPETITORS:  Chris vs. WINNER – Michelle ROUND EIGHT:  Friday, November 2nd COMPETITORS:  WINNER – Mark vs. Matt BATTLE ROYALE:  Friday, December 7th COMPETITORS WHO RETURNED: Jenna, Christina, Michelle, Mark and Ali (alternate) WINNER 2018 Michelle Thanks for coming back in December to celebrate our one year anniversary with us and for seeing all the winners compete in the Battle Royale Katora-style!